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In the 21st century the body's own walls

have become more permeable.

We filter the knowledge we absorb in a whole new way.

It is the age of the Divorg.



The Divorg, as a continuation of the cyborg, however,

is a dividing organism.

An organism that must stay in motion as well as in order

to survive in today's fast and loaded world of information.



I am convinced that we are absorbing technology into our identity in all its facets.

But what happens today is that the incorporation of technology is often outpaced by the speed at which it originates.



I want to give technology a face.

I want to bring technology to the surface.

It thereby becomes our mirror image.




I see technology as an opportunity to take a curious look at the future and explore the degree of fusion where  analog and digital worlds touch.

This always raises the question of who invented whom.




It is important for me to understand

that there is no basic formula

for a social pattern.

These formulas themselves are in constant change of time.




I firmly believe that through technology

a great liberation can take place.

Namely that we reunite body and mind,

which were separated by the Enlightenment.


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