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Born in Switzerland 1979. At the age of sixteen Noa Ry attended art school in Zurich and earned the bachelor degree of art. At twenty-seven Noa Ry got the master's degree in cultural/gender studies at ZHDK Zurich. The artist works with any material. There are no boundaries for Noa Ry. The artist interest lies in the melting point between technology and human flesh. How the subject reacts, gets involved and merges.
Noa Ry creates sculptures, 3D paintings, robotic art, animations, installations and video art. A look into the future is what’s important to the Artist. That’s why Noa Ry invented the term DIVORG - a dividing organism.
From a cultural study perspective the DIVORG is the continuation of Donna Harraway's theory of the "cyborg". Noa Ry believes there is a need for a new term for the human species of the 21th century. „Because we are not controlled by technology anymore, but have merged with it“, Noa Ry says. „And so have our identities. Boundaries have washed away and identities have mixed. We have to be able to divide to survive in this fast and loaded world of information.
„We have to be a DIVORG - a dividing organism.“

In Noa Ry‘s more recent works,the artist has continued to draw the possibilities of merging “analog” and “digital” by animating existing 3D pictures, sculptures and newly drawn sketches. This is deliberately only done with the iPhone as a tool, which has become indispensable in the western world.




Error is the soul of storytelling...-N.R.-

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